Fifty Stories for Fifty Years

50 Stories for 50 Years

On the 6th July 2014 Malawi celebrated 50 years of independence. To mark this special occasion the Scotland Malawi Partnership invited 50 inspiring Scots and Malawians to share their stories of friendship, partnership and solidarity with Malawi, through either a 50 second video or a 50 word story.

94,000 Scots are working in active, dignified partnership with Malawi each year. Together, we wish our friends in Malawi a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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The Scotland Malawi Partnership (SMP) is the national umbrella organisation which exists to inspire the people and organisations of Scotland to be involved with Malawi in an informed, coordinated and effective way for the benefit of both nations.  We do this by providing a forum where ideas, activities and information can be shared on our website, through our online mapping tool and through regular workshops, training events and stakeholder meetings. By creating a single space for all the organisations and individuals in Scotland currently engaged with Malawi to come together, we help reduce duplication of effort, add value to Scotland’s historic civil society relationship with Malawi, and contribute towards poverty alleviation in Malawi.

We have over 900 member organisations and key individuals, including half Scotland’s local authorities, every Scottish university and most of its colleges, 200 primary and secondary schools, dozens of different churches and faith-based groups, hospitals, businesses, charities and NGOs, and a wide range of grass-root community-based organisations.   This is a unique national effort.

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The SMP is underpinned by a historic bilateral civil society relationship based not on ‘donors’ and ‘recipients’ but on long-standing, mutually-beneficial community to community, family to family and people to people links.  It is a relationship built on trust and mutual respect.  This is a new and innovative mode of international development and we believe it is powerful force for change.

The University of Edinburgh estimates that our members contribute over £40 million in time, resources and money to their links with Malawi. This activity benefits over 2 million Malawians and 300,000 Scots.  In total, more than 198,000 Malawians and 94,000 Scots are actively involved in links between the two countries, making the SMP one of Scotland’s largest communities actively engaged in international linking.

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